Mr Chilli is a chain of Chinese restaurants located in Liverpool and on the Wirral. Established in 2007, Mr Chilli is known as a provider of authentic cuisine from the Sichuan region.

You could enjoy our unique Sichuan hot pot and many other traditional hot and spicy Sichuan dishes. You could also purchase some of our homemade Sichuan spicy seasoning, traditional Sichuan bacon or Sichuan spicy sausages to share with your friends and family.

We employ a number of talented chefs trained in the art of producing the unique flavours of Sichuan dining. By combining fresh, locally-sourced produce with traditional Sichuan spices, they create a wide array of delicious, authentic dishes.

Come to try our boldly flavoured Sichuan food, it can make you forget yourself, be thrilled to bits and perspire freely. It is a wonderful experience. Welcome to Mr Chilli!!!